Board Members

ENRICHri is an inclusive, non-religious community which provides support, friendship, and guidance for homeschooling families in Southern New England and promotes homeschooling within the greater community. ENRICHri will achieve this purpose through:
Promoting the development of a supportive homeschooling community for parents and children,

Providing opportunities for relevant, affordable, real-world learning and group homeschooling opportunities, and
Advocating for our members in the community. We are a nonprofit 501(C) 3 tax exempt organization.
ENRICHri does not discriminate based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, faith,
home education philosophy or methodology, physical or other challenges.

The ENRICHri Board is comprised homeschooling parents within our membership. Each month our President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large, gather to manage the organization.


Interim-President/Co-Chairman, Business Manager,
Librarian for ENRICHri’s Resource Library and Pinterest Editor.

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Alyssa Crowder began her homeschooling journey in 2013 shortly after moving back to Rhode Island with her husband, Andrew, and their two children. Upon deciding to homeschool, they immediately joined ENRICHri and found that it provided them with a strong, supportive community and many activities to enhance their homeschooling adventure! Since then Alyssa has filled various volunteer roles for the organization including Resource Librarian, Pinterest Editor, Assistant Cooperative Director and Business Manager.

In her new position as our Interim President, Alyssa is working closely with the Executive Board to create a sustainable volunteer management structure for ENRICHri. Alyssa comes to this position with a background as a management consultant for both private and non-profit organizations. She also holds a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Maryland. Outside of her homeschool and family responsibilities and her work with ENRICHri, Alyssa practices Awesome Adulting through reading, cooking, traveling with her family and making the most of living in the Ocean State with plenty of beach time, paddle-boarding and kayaking!

Alyssa is excited about the future of ENRICHri. She is looking forward to working with our members and volunteers to continue to grow ENRICHri into the community we envision!


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As a former secondary educator, Kayla’s excited to be embarking on her family’s homeschooling journey with her 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter.  Her husband shocked her when she pitched the “crazy” idea of homeschooling and he quickly agreed.  In May 2015, she jumped feet first into the local homeschooling community and hasn’t looked back!  Thankful for the amazing opportunities ENRICHri had to offer her preschooler, she jumped in to volunteer and has been the Executive Board Secretary since 2015.

Her family is active in our Cooperative program and Kayla teaches ENRICHri’s monthly Littles classes.
Outside of ENRICHri, she coordinates the Attleboro Area Homeschoolers Littles Playgroup for families with preschoolers and early elementary aged children and when she has a free moment or two works on her blog (that has been dark for awhile unless you count cute pictures of her kids doing school stuff).  Kayla loves all things Halloween (except the really scary stuff–she’s a chicken) and spends much of the holiday season working at her uncle’s candy store (sorry, no free samples allowed).  

As the new Co-Chairman of ENRICHri, Kayla  is excited about the upcoming year as we continue to grow and expand our support services and unrivaled learning opportunities for members big and small!


Interim-Treasurer, Program Manager
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Leslie serves as a member of the Board, Treasurer and Program Manager of ENRICHri.
She and her family have been active members of ENRICHri since January 2011.  

Prior to becoming a homeschool mother, Leslie worked in corporate finance and the managed futures industries. She graduated magna cum laude from Bryant University with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and computer information systems.

As a passionate supporter of parental choice in education, Leslie feels lucky to have found ENRICHri.  She is grateful for the support and programming it made available to her family during those early years.  She is now proud to serve the organization and help provide the same benefits to new and existing members.

Member-at-Large, Public Relations Team
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Joining ENRICHri in 2012, Barbara helped arrange field trips and then joined the PR team.  She has been homeschooling her sons, ages 12 and 5, for four years with the support of her husband, with a new twist of her older son returning to public school this year.

Barbara has over 20 years experience in the nonprofit field, as well as a National Certification of Nonprofit Management. She has worked in a variety of positions from program management to grant writing and fundraising. She has managed major speaker events, fundraising events, trainings and conferences in the community. She is currently doing freelance grant research and grant writing while her family pursues their homeschooling adventure. She has lived in both Rhode Island and now Massachusetts and has been active in her church in a variety of areas. Barbara enjoys reading and community events, as well as  supporting her sons in their swimming, Cub Scouts, and basketball interests.
Barbara is excited to help ENRICHri grow and meet the needs of all our member families.