Cooperative 2017 Spring Session

ENRICHri Cooperative Spring Session 2017 Class Offerings

Thursdays 03/23/17 – 06/01/17 (with 04/20/17 off)
General Registration will be open from 8 am on 02/20/17 – 5 pm on 03/10/17

Our offices and Community Center are located at: 1395 Nooseneck Hill Road, Coventry, RI.


9:45 Classes


Handclapping Songs $50 Teachers: Kristie Danis, Julia Arnold

Join us for some good old fashioned rhymes and rhythms! Handclapping games are part of a worldwide oral tradition among children. We’ll learn classic rhymes such as Double double, Miss Mary Mack, Miss Suzy, and more. This class requires extended periods of social interaction such as face to face time, touching/clapping hands, and coordinating singing and movement. Parents please consider partnering with your student during class if these skills are challenging for them. Preschool friendly, although ALL ages are welcome!

Max 12 students.


A Look Back at Cinema       $50   Teachers: Phillip Reilly, Anne Reilly

Each week we will cover a different director – Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron to name a few. We will have a discussion about their films and their directing styles, genre of film, etc and then watch a movie clip. We will discuss how recent technology has contributed to films and how movies have evolved with the times.  

Max 8 students.


Advanced Biology        $60  (60 mins class) Teachers: Marcia Sirois, Gideon Wallace

In this session, we will learn about animal structure and function – organ systems, digestion, regulation, and movement. Then we will focus the last 5 weeks on ecology, environmental concerns, populations, and conservation. We will continue with the same textbook and new or returning students are welcome to join us. Students who have completed all 3 sessions with be given a certificate of 1 High School Biology credit.

Max 8 students.


Parts of Speech!            $50 Teacher: Janika Arel

From space aliens to planet similie, to how capitalisation should be, come and explore parts of speech with me! This class will help kids learn and understand nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and some more wonders of the English language. The class work is mostly handout driven, while these handouts are very fun they do require a kid who likes to learn while sitting down.

Max 8 students


Springtime Celebrations         $60 ($50 class, $10 supplies) Teacher: Andria Coletta

Celebrate the return of spring with themed stories, songs, crafts and activities  – class will reflect on the changes we will see as winter fades away and the natural world awakens with the buzz of spring:  We will create artwork, tell stories, sing songs and plant seeds for your summer flower and vegetable gardens.  We will share some recipes for your family to enjoy once you harvest your planted vegetables.  

Max 6 students


Magic Treehouse Book Club        $50 Teachers: Jenn Curtis, Danielle Rezendes

The love of Magic Tree House books are combined with activities and crafts, as reading, science, and history are all touched upon in this great series. Magic Tree House books, by Mary Pope Osborne, are easy readers, beginner chapter books. They are found throughout the RI library system. During the 10 week session, 5 books will be covered – Lions at Lunchtime, Polar Bears Past Bedtime, Vacation Under the Volcano, Day of the Dragon King, and Viking Ships at Sunrise (#11-15). Some reading will be done in class, and some at home. This has been a popular class and the students have really enjoyed reading the book series!

Max 10 students.


10:45 Classes


Movin’ Groovin’ Adventures        $50 Teachers: Molly & Laura Gans-Pomerantz

Join us each week for a different adventure! We will use our imaginations to explore the jungle, outer-space, the ocean, and more! Using props, music and movement we will work together and ‘travel’ to a variety of environments. Dress to move!

Max 10 students


Dahl Explorations         $50 Teachers: Janika Arel, Naomi Chipel

Come join us as we explore and enjoy the world of Roald Dahl!  We will read, and watch the theatrical productions of the The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Matilda. In each class the children will have comprehension questions, vocabulary, compare and contrast and creative writing projects to do. Children will need to be able to read and write at a third grade level. Work will be sent home with expectations that “homework” is to be completed by the next class.

Max 8 students


Thirst for Travel            $55 ($50 class, $5 supplies) Teacher: Lia Prentiss

How to research, plan, and pull off the trip of a lifetime! Come learn the ins and outs of international travel. Students will pick a destination and spend the full 10 weeks thinking through and planning out every aspect of the trip–including budget, passport and visa requirements, current political/environmental/health considerations, options in getting there, places to stay, itineraries tailored to their interests, transportation, key phrases in the local language, places to eat, etc and will culminate in the packing of actual bags. **Please Note: This is a research driven class and will require library books and weekly online research**  Lia has taken many travels around the globe (some well-planned, some not!) and she is happy to pass on whatever tips she’s picked up along the way!

Max 8 students.


Outbreak Undead       $60 ($50 class, $10 supplies) Teacher: AJ Gabriel

This class will be a tabletop RPG where players will play as themselves in a Zombie Apocalypse scenario that takes place in real-world locations. This class will have a darker theme than Druidawn, and while characters will die, the players can simply create a new one! Players will use their real world knowledge and skills to survive and be able to grow their character skills throughout the adventure. To determine your character’s initial stats, the players will need to take the game-specific personality test, which will be done during the first class.

Max 8 students.


Math, Science, & Action Art!         $58 ($50 class, $8 supplies) Teachers: Kayla Thompson, Ashley DosSantos

Preschool class that will explore basic math and science concepts through art.  To round out the class and get our ‘wiggles’ out we will also do something just to get our body’s moving and explore movement and art and how they fit together!  

Max 8 students.


Creative Art & Collaboration          $60 ($50 class, $10 supplies) Teachers: Megan Bain, Courtney Hoyle

We will focus on project based learning. Through cooperative art, reading, sensory exploration and project building the students will work together and collaborate. *May include some simple writing.

Max 8 students.


12:15 Classes


Cooperative Learning Games            $50 Teacher: Lia Prentiss

Come and learn, participate, and work together in a variety of games geared towards cooperative involvement. Lia will work with the students in a fun atmosphere and guide the games making sure everyone is involved. The games will have some educational themes (geography, math, reading, etc) but the students will have so much fun they won’t realize how much they’ve learned!

Max 10 students


Tabletop Puppetry             $60 ($50 class, $10 supply fee)     Teachers: Laura & Moe Gans-Pomerantz

Tabletop puppetry is a style of puppetry where characters are performed on a flat surface, controlled from behind. In class we will view some examples on video. Students will construct very basic tabletop rod puppets, practice manipulation techniques, and work on short scenes. Laura has a BFA in puppetry. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with the students!

Max 10 students.


Financial Independence          $50 Teacher: Marcia Sirois   

This class will introduce students to what it really takes to live on their own. They will decide on their ‘job’ and manage their paycheck and checkbook week-to-week. They will need to look for an apt, factor in food costs, cell phone bill, utilities, spending money, etc.  In this 10 wk class, the first 2 weeks will be ‘setting up their life’ then the next 8wks will focus on 2 full months of bills and how they will budget their money.  Be wary- Marcia may throw in some ‘financial surprises’ good or bad for fun (won money on a lottery ticket, cell phone was damaged, need to buy concert tickets, etc). Will they make it? Will they barely scrape by? Will some of them choose to work 2 jobs, or live with a roommate?  

Max 8 students.


Hand Stitched Creations      $53  ($50 class, $3 supply fee)   Teachers: Naomi Chipel, Grace Chipel

We will learn 5 to 6 different stitches and use embroidery floss, felt, buttons, and material to create cute projects. Other key skills that will be learned are needle threading and knot tying. Most of the project pieces will be pre-cut to utilize class time for stitching only. Many projects will be completed at home with clear instructions emailed each week. This is for new and returning students.  

Max 8 students


PreK At Large            $58  ($50 class, $8 supply fee) Teacher: Janika Arel

Every week we will explore a new theme while working on our budding big kid skills- using scissors, recognizing letters, prewriting, and of course engaging in some dramatic play and mess making! The themes I have so far are- Spring has Sprung, All about Me (emotions), Camping, On the farm, The Human Body, Show and Tell, Ocean Adventures, At the Beach, Colors, and The Wonders of the Grocery Store. These are subject to change as class starts and I assess what the kids can handle. We may need to do two weeks of the same theme, etc.

Max 8 students.


Lego Challenge          $60  ($50 class, $10 supplies)             Teachers: Julia Arnold, Amanda Burden

Come join us for some new and exciting challenges that we can do with legos!  The students will work independently or cooperatively to complete different tasks.  Each student will have their own lego ‘kit’ to take home.

Max 8 students


1:15 Classes


Machine Sewing            $70  (90 min class)     Teachers: Jenn Curtis, Naomi Chipel

This class has been so well received that we are bringing it back for another session! A different craft each week, all will have some machine sewing.  Each student should bring their own sewing machine and know how to work their machine at a basic sewing level.  These are the supplies the students must bring to each class: Sewing Machine, Thread, Scissors, Straight Pins with ball heads, ruler, Pencil, Extension cord and 3 prong adapter.  Additional supplies to bring will be emailed to the parents ahead of each class (I expect those supplies to be around $15, it will include fabrics, zippers, etc, some of which you may already have at home).

Max 6 students


Craft Time            $55 ($50 class, $5 supply fee)    Teacher: Anne Reilly

We will make weekly crafts.  A simple list of what is needed will be emailed the week before, to keep costs down. Students should be able to sit, follow simple directions, be creative, and have fun!  We will use everyday household items to see what we can create (boys are most welcome!).

Max 8 students.


Art & Music Influences           $60 ($50 class, $10 supplies)   Teachers: Alex Pedini, Matt Curtis, Mack Meaders

Our teen artists are collaborating on this new twist to an ‘art class’!  Each week they will explore and listen to a different genre of music while creating art (sketching, painting, etc). We will see how listening to different music themes can change how the students interpret their artworks. For example: How will listening to classical music vs. punk rock change the way they paint? What is each student’s favorite music choice to listen to while creating art?

Max 6 students