Our offices and Community Center are located at:
1395 Nooseneck Hill Road, Coventry, RI.

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Mission Statement
The ENRICHri Cooperative seeks to enrich home education by providing students a learning community
of their own with classes for all ages, which values all learning styles and is run by parent volunteers.

About the Cooperative
The ENRICHri Homeschool Cooperative Program provides the opportunity for homeschooled children to
participate in organized classes and activities. Parents teach core classes such as Math, English and
Science in the home setting, but many utilize cooperative classes to enrich their children’s education.
Homeschoolers may attend one class or several classes centered on their own interests.

The Cooperative Director supervises the entire program along with the Assistant Cooperative Director
and report to the ENRICHri Executive Board. The Directors work collaboratively to assure quality
programming, compliance with policies and bylaws and help our parent educators find resources they
may need to teach a class. The Cooperative Committee, comprised of almost 15 members, work directly
under the Directors to plan classes and assign volunteer assignments. ENRICHri Cooperative Teachers
and staff receive no compensation for their volunteerism to our organization. 

The Cooperative Program meets once a week on Thursdays in ten week sessions in Coventry and offers a
variety of enrichment classes. Parents teach the classes and share their expertise on a focused subject or unit
study. In the past, the ENRICHri Cooperative has offered everything from jewelry beading to environmental
sustainability to teen social groups to art classes to robotics engineering. Registrations for the Cooperative Program
begin approximately six weeks prior to each session and participants must have a current ENRICHri general
membership to participate in the cooperative program. We encourage parents to let their children choose classes
that will be of interest to them, where their full attention and enthusiasm for learning can best be nourished.

Class fees have been set to allow members flexibility to choose the number of classes that best fits their
educational, social, and financial needs. Class supply fees may be in addition to class fees so be sure to
check the class listing for payment and refund information.