History & Funding

ENRICHri was founded in 2009 by 10 homeschooling families in Rhode Island who gathered weekly for support and fun and has grown to be the largest secular homeschooling group in the state. By 2010, the group was quickly expanding and saw that there was a growing desire for the secular homeschool community to come together.

The following years brought rapid growth and a more formal structure, along with an Executive Board. The Board worked to create a vision and mission statement, policies and bylaws, and started meeting monthly to organize and develop programming. Today, with a strong foundation in place, our group continues to thrive with parent support groups, seminars and connections in the community.

ENRICHri is financially supported through its yearly membership fees and fundraising events. Membership fees cover a variety of expenses such as insurance, building rentals, administrative costs, and annual state filings. Membership fees also help support our special events such as our Promotion Ceremony and Annual State Wide Homeschooler’s Picnic and a host of other activities that are available to our members.

ENRICHri was granted 501(C) 3 nonprofit status in 2011. Since that time, we have created an advocacy team, public relations team, increased our volunteerism and have been hard at work on strategic planning for the next 3-5 years. We see great things on the horizon for ENRICHri!