Membership with ENRICHri encourages a deeper connection with your homeschool community and with your children. The ongoing life and health of a homeschool community is maintained and enriched by the presence of its members. We hope you will join us at some of our events and that you will see membership as a commitment to attend as often as you are able.

Joining ENRICHri is a wonderful way to become acclimated to the homeschool community. Experienced parents and those just starting their own homeschool journeys will be sure to welcome you and to provide support in finding all that you need. What better way to have your questions answered than to learn from those who have made connections, researched curricula and know all the great hints to get you started? The ENRICHri homeschool community is like having a how-to homeschool manual at your fingertips!

Yearly membership with ENRICHri is $30.

Benefits of Membership:

  • ENRICHri Community Center access
  • Lending resource library to check out curricula
  • 1:1 meeting consults to help guide your homeschool journey
  • ENRICHri ID card that can be used for Educator’s Discount at many stores
  • Guidance and Advocacy with state and local homeschool laws
  • Private Facebook groups to securely post questions, ideas and meet local homeschoolers
  • Cooperative and Community classes
  • Informal Gatherings: meet-ups, beach days, social groups, parent’s night and much more
  • Annual events such as: Winterfest, Art Show, International Festival, Summer Picnic and more
  • Hundreds of yearly activities, classes, field trips, gatherings and seminars hosted by ENRICHri members and leaders annually

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