Melissa Robb

Member Advocate

ENRICHri works to promote and protect homeschool interests in Rhode Island. Each year as the General Assembly introduces bills the Advocacy Team monitors the progress of dozens of those bills. We watch for and respond to legislation that could affect homeschooling families on a state and district level.

Melissa has been a member of ENRICHri since 2010.  Her teenage son has been homeschooled since birth and is now taking dual enrollment classes at community college.  Melissa served on the Executive Board in various positions for 5 years before moving to the Member Advocate position.  Since 2015 Melissa has filled the role of Homeschool Liaison for the Newport Naval Base, bringing her experiences as a native Rhode Island homeschooler to incoming families.

Melissa’s life revolves around her son’s extensive Pokémon TCG tournament travel schedule and enjoying his teen years.

Melissa brings a wealth of passion and leadership in creating community connections to ENRICHri.


Donna Wedge

Assistant Member Advocate

Donna lives in Coventry, RI with her husband Richard, grandson, and a menagerie of animals.  Their family joined ENRICHri in 2013 to build community when their grandson was three, having decided homeschool was the path they would choose for his education.

She has always had a passion for advocacy having served on Federal Women’s Rights Committee, as a Rape Crisis Center Advocate and now ENRICHri’s Advocacy team. 

Donna is a work-from-home pet groomer and enjoys all things homesteading.

Marcia Sirois

Public Relations

Marcia lives in Riverside, RI with her husband Bryan, her 3 boys, and 2 cats. Marcia works as a Registered Dietitian and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Education. She grew up in Warren, RI, then after living in Maine for 9 years, moved back to RI to be closer to family. They decided to homeschool and joined ENRICHri in 2014.

One of her children has autism and Marcia is very active with autism awareness and fundraising with the RI Autism Project.

Her parents own Frerichs Farm in Warren, RI and while growing up on a farm, she has learned the value of hard work and the importance of cooperation. Marcia enjoys taking trips with her family and watching her boys experience life and new adventures. She and Bryan have a strong sense of community and are excited to help further promote ENRICHri’s values mission.


Michelle Colberg

Membership Director

Michelle has been a member of Enrich since 2015 and is active member of the Pawtucket co-op on Tuesdays. She lives in Exeter with her husband, 2 daughters, 2 cats and a dog.

Michelle strongly believes that nature, free play time, and art are important foundations in early childhood learning and this was the driving force in the decision to homeschool. Michelle previously was the founder and organizer of a very active mom’s group and a foster family for a dog rescue. She loves to travel, hike, experiment with baking, and work on home DIY projects. 

Alyssa Crowder

Webmaster / Technology Director

Alyssa lives in Warwick, RI with her husband, Andrew, and two children. They joined ENRICHri at the beginning of their homeschool journey in 2014.  Alyssa has a background in business consulting and research and is passionate about supporting local businesses and community. She has a Bachelors degree in Quantitative Economics and a Masters degree in Library Science that is currently put to good use performing research on homeschool curriculum and ideas! 

Alyssa loves teaching and is an active participant in ENRICHri cooperatives as well as the leadership of the organization. She has held various positions including librarian, assistant cooperative director, business manager, and president of the board. In her free time, she is an avid reader and gardener, and seeks out every opportunity to spend time in or near the water –  paddleboarding, swimming or just basking in the sun!


Jessica Vadenais

Pawtucket Cooperative Director

Jessica lives in Pawtucket with her husband Adam and two children. They have been homeschooling for 5 years and joined ENRICHri at the beginning of their journey. Jess is a work at home mom, running an in-home daycare and hand crafted decor business. Before becoming the Pawtucket Co-op Site Director,  she played an active role in the co-op as assistant director and teacher. She enjoys books, the beach and all things crafty!

Larkin Trainor

Director of Wildschooling

Once upon a time a couple of intellectual hippies made a baby among the eucalypti near the pacific coast where, they later would say, they went to “pick up her soul” from the sea otter she was in her last life. Hippie mum discovered John Holt’s “How Children Fail” in the Mills College library’s education section, and Larkin Leaf Trainor’s future was determined. Guided by Holt and other brilliant thinkers, (ask her mum who) and with the help of the internet in its toddlerhood, Larkin and her siblings grew up among a radically unschooling tribe/community, its membership scattered across the US and internationally as well. Nowadays, Larkin lives an unschooling-principled lifestyle with her numerous offspring, cultivating close and supportive relationships, encouraging their lifelong learning habits and supporting their varied interests and passions, as well as continuing to develop her own skills and feed her passions, as an entrepreneur, lady-farmer, and seeker of knowledge and power through mothering and home-making.

Stacey Dyer

Director of Wildschooling

Stacey’s learning journey began before she had children to teach. She was always searching for a better way to live. More peaceful, loving, and present. A way of gratitude and connection to family and the universe.

When her daughter was born, she knew that she wanted to impart to her all that she had learned about life, love, and Spirit. She and her husband, Jeff, decided the best way to do that was to homeschool. Thus began their family’s adventure.

Another child and some more learning about herself and what felt right for her family guided her to child led education.

Her desire to give back to the universe leads her to help guide Wildschool and with love and support from family and friends, to continue the journey towards a joyful tomorrow.

Tina Chamberland

Warwick Campus Director

Tina lives in Warwick and has three kids and a dog. They’ve been homeschooling in various forms for about 7 years, and Tina works part time as a family manager and does freelance marketing work as well.

In her “free time” you can usually find her at her kids’ rehearsals or hiking a good trail.

Lisa Cronkite Sinkler

Preschool Director

Lisa lives in Exeter, RI with her husband Knowles and their two boys. Their family joined ENRICHri in 2019 when their homeschooling journey first began. Lisa has a background in health management consulting and research. 

Tired of the hectic “hamster wheel” of life, Lisa and her family are thoroughly enjoying the peace, quality time and opportunity for exploration and learning that the homeschool lifestyle offers. 

Lisa is an avid equestrian and when she’s not at the barn, you can find her on the slopes skiing or enjoying the beautiful beaches of RI.

Alysia Palmisciano


Alysia lives in Plainfield, CT with her husband, four young children, and their dog Tula.
They have been homeschooling and part of the ENRICHri community since 2017. During their time with ENRICHri they have been active participants in many ENRICHri programs including the Coventry Co-operative, PGBC Co-operative, Warwick Boys & Girls Club programming,
Wildschool Wednesdays, Stageschoolers, and as many special events and field trips as they can fit in! Alysia has volunteered as a preschool teacher in multiple co-operatives with her twins, and now youngest daughter. In her free time she enjoys… just kidding,
she doesn’t have any free time! Alysia attempts to embrace the chaos of wrangling four energetic kids while attempting to make their learning as meaningful and engaging as possible.

Ruth Galindo

Portsmouth Campus Director