Cooperative 2018 Winter Session

Winter 2018 Session 

Winter 2018 Session – Class Offerings

Classes run on Thursdays, 1/11 – 3/8  (No classes on 2/22) 

 Room 9:15-10:00 10:15-11:00 11:15-12:00 12:15-1:00




Concert Band

Gr 3-12


Gr K-2

Let’s Get Moving!

Gr 2-6

Machine Sewing


Gr 4-12

Upstairs Small Room


Gr 9-12


Social Philosophy

Gr 8-12




Creative Writing

Gr 3-8

Life on the Prairie

Gr 3-7

The 6th Extinction

Gr 8-12




Ages 3-4yrs old





PreK Program

Ages 4-5yrs old


(PreK Program continued)

Early Math & Science

Gr K-1


Jr. Astronomy

Gr 1-3

Weather Science

Gr K-2

Exploring Art

Gr 1-4









9:15 Classes


Beginning Concert Band      Gr 3-12     $35 (45 mins – $25 class, $10 supplies)                  Teacher: Beth Daley

This class is an introduction to performing concert band instruments and playing in an ensemble setting.  Students must provide their own instruments and method book.  No prior music experience is required, though welcomed.  Students will learn the basic skills and technique on their instrument including simple pieces from method books, introduction to basic music theory, and beginning ear training. Concert Band Instruments which include: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone Horn, French Horn, Tuba.  Students will have weekly assignments to complete at home through instrument practice. Students work individually to learn their own instrument but we will all work together as an ensemble to create music together. Beth is continuing this class for the winter session. Returning and NEW students are welcomed to join!

Max 12 students.


10:15 Classes


Mapquesters       Gr K-2nd        $35 ($25 class, $10 supplies)                        Teachers: MaryJo LaRocco, Jamie Dawkins

Come join the journey!  This class will use problem-solving skills as well as imagination and creativity each week to work together as a team of “mapquesters”.  We will learn about maps and how they are helpful, read stories about basic directions and navigation, create a play about a journey that includes a change of direction, create a team map and all props or costumes needed for our final story, and have fun completing creative quests together.  The class will culminate with a short performance of our team-generated story! (*Class content based on the Destination Imagination 2016 Rising Stars’ Challenge: Change in Direction)

Max 8 students.



Introduction to Psychology      Gr 9-12         $25                                                                                    Teacher: Laura Gans-Pomerantz

This will be a continuing full-year, high-school level psychology course. New students are welcome to join in and will need the Understanding Psychology high school textbook from McGraw-Hill 2014 edition (estimated rental $30 or purchase $60). Note- the book is written to the new American Psychology Association National Standards for an introductory high school course. Coursework will include reading, written assignments, and class discussions. During this winter session, subjects covered will include: Sensation & Perception, Learning, Memory, Language, Motivation & Emotion, Psychological Testing, and Theories of Personality. NEW and returning students are welcome to join!  For students completing the entire 3 sessions, they are entitled to 1 credit of a science/humanities high school credit.

Max 10 students.


Superfight Creative Writing        Gr 3-8         $25                                                                       Teacher: Tina Chamberland

Using the card game “Superfight” as inspiration, students create stories about battles between crazy imaginary characters. Who would win in a fight, a T-Rex with lasers for eyes or a 30 foot tall zombie? Kids will be invited to share their stories with the class if they wish, showcasing everyone’s unique ideas. Students should be comfortable writing at least short paragraphs (grammar and spelling are not a priority, but will be discussed) and should bring a notebook and pencil to class.

Max 10 students.


Preschool Program (Ages mid/late 3 to early 4)       $50                                                          Leader: Beth Daley

We are excited to launch our new ‘littles programming’ at our coop. This program will run for two time slots for 1hr and 45min class time. They will have circle time, story time, group play, outside time (weather permitting), art projects, and free play time. This longer program will give the kids a chance to make friends, work collaboratively, and have fun while getting used to a ‘class structure’. Parents are encouraged to let their kids be independent and experience the class on their own, but if needed, parents are welcomed to stay in the class and will be asked to be ‘parent-helpers’! Beth will be the class leader and will email all parents before the session starts with more specifics and information on what the kids will be doing each week.

Max 12 students.


PreK Program (Ages mid4 to early/mid 5)   $50    Leaders: Coreen Gingere, Alysia Palmisciano, Lara Watkins, Kali Knight

We are excited to launch our new PreK Program at our coop! This program will run for two time slots for 1hr and 45min class time. They will have circle time, story time, group play, outside time (weather permitting), art projects, and free play time. This longer program will give the kids a chance to make friends, work collaboratively, and have fun while getting used to a ‘class structure’. Parents are encouraged to let their kids be independent and experience the class on their own, but if needed, parents are welcomed to stay in the class and will be asked to be ‘parent-helpers’! Parents will be emailed before the session starts with more information and specific details on what to expect each week.

Max 16 students.


Jr. Astronomy           Gr 1-3        $30  ($25 class, $5 supplies)                                                Teacher: Jenn Curtis

Come learn about our Solar System including the Sun, Stars, and all the planets!  Each student will create their own posterboard of the solar system and will learn and share interesting facts about each planet!  There will be writing of note cards at home, done by either students or parents!

Max 8 students.


11:15 Classes


Let’s Get Moving!     Gr 2-6                        $30  ($25 class, $5 supplies)                                             Teacher: Molly Gans-Pomerantz

In this class we will be exploring many types of dance, including hip hop, jazz, and modern. Each week we will stretch, practice basic steps, and learn new combinations. In later weeks, we will work on a larger piece to show to friends and family during the final class! Students should dress to move and wear sneakers and socks (if you happen to have hip hop or jazz shoes you can wear those). You don’t have to have danced before to take this class — new students are welcome! However, because of the short amount of time every class, I won’t always be able to focus on every child individually. Students must be able to follow directions, work as a group, and be willing to participate in all exercises and activities. Get ready to move to the music!

Max 10 students.



Social Philosophy      Gr 8-12           $25                                                                                      Teacher: Bryan Sirois

This discussion class will question some of life’s big issues: Is lying always wrong? What is discrimination? What would happen if there were no governments? Who should protect the environment? What is the meaning of art? They will also talk about recent events in the news – protesting, gun laws, and social media. This class will help to give students the meaning and relevance behind philosophy and why certain questions should be asked, and why there may not always be answers. Students will be presented with fictional dialogues to read through in class that will explore the different topics and start a debate. The goal will be to bring philosophy alive through active learning!

Max 10 students.



Life on the Prairie      Gr 3-7           $35  ($25 class, $10 supplies)                                          Teacher: Rebecca O’Neill

Let’s hitch a ride back in time to when European families pioneered and settled in the mid-western states. We’ll read books by Laura Ingalls Wilder: the Little House on the Prairie collection. These will include: The Little House in the Big Woods, Farmer Boy, Little House on the Prairie, On the Banks of Plum Creek , By the Shores of Silverlake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, and These Happy Golden Years. We’ll celebrate Wilder’s birthday in February, and make our own tin can lantern. These books are available at the local libraries and students will be required to read and have their own copies to discuss in class. Amazon also offers the full collection for $35 new, or used from ~$20.

Max 12 students.



Weather Science     Gr K-2          $35  ($25 class, $10 supplies)                                            Teacher: Julia Arnold

Students will explore simple facts and science behind our everyday weather patterns. Including the sun, clouds, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and wind. They will incorporate stories, pretend play, games and more in this multi-sensory class!

Max 10 students.



12:45 Classes


Machine Sewing Projects     Gr 4-12         $30  ($25 class)                                                      Teacher: Jenn Curtis

This session of machine sewing will continue with machine sewing projects that the students will learn to make. New and returning students both welcomed.  Each student should bring their own sewing machine each week and know how to work their machine at a basic sewing level. Every week the students will work on their projects in class, and also receive printed or emailed directions on how to make the project at home, including patterns. Projects this session will include: PJ pants, water bottle holder, zipper pouch, pillowcase, with the possibility of another project (time dependent).Supplies that the students must bring to class each week: sewing machine, thread, pins, ruler, and scissors.  Students will need to provide their own fabric for one project, cost approx. $15.

Max 8 students


The 6th Extinction     Gr 8-12         $25                                                                                        Teacher: Marcia Sirois

We will be delving into the book The Sixth Extinction, An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert. Students will be asked to read chapters at home and then participate in the class discussion. We will look at and discuss some hard questions surrounding climate change and species extinction. Students will be expected to have their own copy of the book. It is available from your local library or from Amazon for $12 new paperback, $10 used or on Kindle. Here is the book summary: “Over the last half-billion years, there have been five mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on earth suddenly and dramatically contracted. Scientists around the world are currently monitoring the sixth extinction, predicted to be the most devastating extinction event since the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. This time around the cataclysm is us.” This book is at an upper-high school level and students would be expected to have some biology background to understand basic species and population topics.

Max 10 students.


Early Science & Math          Gr K-1      $35  ($25 class, $10 supplies)                                    Teacher: Rebecca Duffy

This class will feature a little bit of everything; learning about early math skills in addition to science!  We will incorporate arts/crafts and experiments. Rebecca is offering this continuing class with NEW topics and experiments, for new and returning students!

Max 8 students



Exploring Art      Gr 1-4         $30  ($25 class, $5 supplies)                                                      Teacher: Julia Arnold

Students will learn how to tap into their creative side while learning art vocabulary, techniques, and history. This class is designed to teach the kids while they’re having fun. Students should be able to focus on the task at hand and listen to directions. Projects are aimed at students in grades 1-4 but please use your discretion when signing up.

Max 10 students.