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ENRICHri supports homeschooling families through the following offerings

  • Monthly Introduction to Homeschooling workshops for new and prospective homeschoolers.
  • Answers to your questions about letters of intent, attendance requirements, progress reports, mid-year withdrawals, and working with your school district.
  • A thriving forum to discuss learning at home, curriculum questions, unschooling, and life as a homeschooling family.

ENRICHri staffs an all-volunteer advocacy team

This team works hard to gather and disseminate information about homeschooling in Rhode Island.
We endeavor to promote and protect homeschool interests in Rhode Island.
We review all district school committee agendas and minutes and will alert district homeschoolers if there are any policy concerns.
Volunteers on the team often attend school committee meetings when necessary to support homeschool freedoms.
We watch for legislation that could affect homeschoolers in our state and share that information with homeschoolers as needed.  Each year as the General Assembly introduces bills the Advocacy Team monitors the progress of dozens of those bills. We watch for and respond to legislation that could affect homeschooling families on a state and district level.
The team is comprised of current and/or former homeschoolers with many years of combined experience.

Note: The ENRICHri Advocacy Team does not currently include a lawyer.  Our advice is based on historical evidence and our long-term experience working with homeschoolers, school committees, and lawmakers. Nothing on this website is intended as legal advice. For legal matters, contact a competent attorney.

Introduction to Homeschooling:

A Workshop for Parents New to Homeschooling or Interested in Homeschooling.

If you are new to homeschooling, thinking about homeschooling, or wanting to know more, we strongly encourage you to attend an “Introduction to Homeschooling” workshop. This is open to the public. You do not need to be a member to attend.
These sessions are held monthly at various locations across the state and can help you with what you need to get started.

The topics that will be discussed include:

  • Homeschooling in Rhode Island: state laws, district policies and what to submit
  • 101 Reasons Families Choose to Homeschool
  • Curriculum Planning: Resources, Learning Styles, Homeschooling Methods, A Typical Homeschool Day
  • The “S” word : socialization

ENRICHri volunteers with many years of homeschooling experience will present this program that covers the basics of homeschooling.

After the program, the presenters welcome you to stay and chat!

Please register if you plan to attend, so we have an idea how many to expect.  View our Public Events Calendar to register.

Child free preferred

Cost: free

We also have members in MA and CT and can help you with navigating homeschooling in our neighboring states as well.