Letter from the Desk of the President

My letter to membership this month is about the amazing members who transformed ENRICHri from a dedicated hard working skeleton crew to a robust and creative team of volunteers and leaders who in just a handful of months have created an impressive calendar full of offerings for our secular homeschooling community.

Just a few months ago in the heat of the summer, our then tiny board of only 3 members met to discuss how ENRICHri could go from offering on-line only support and advocacy for homeschoolers back into a vibrant active organization which offered in-person learning and socializing opportunities, as well as, programs and field trips in collaboration with our community once again.

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Grade Level and Temporary Homeschool

Our very own Melissa Robb, ENRICHri Member Advocate, collaborated with Providence Mom to share her homeschooling knowledge. Providence Mom has created a few blog articles regarding homeschooling that we feel are very good and informative. Check them out here.

Temporary Homeschool and Staying on Grade Level

Guide to Homeschooling in RI

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling 101

Still looking for more information? Check out Melissa’s videos here.