Walking in Paperwork

As our FAQs indicate (see #14), we highly recommend that all annual paperwork be sent via certified mail to create a paper trail and limit unnecessary communication with the district.  

Another way to create a paper trail is to bring your paper work in and hand it to the school department directly.  When you do that please be aware that it could, just like in a phone call, lead to undocumented conversations.  These conversations could include office staff giving you incorrect information (lies, threats have also been known to occur).  If you walk in paperwork know the law so well that you can stand up against their own lack of knowledge, lies or intimidation that may cause you to lose confidence and feel threatened. 

ENRICHri does not suggest bringing your paperwork into the school department in person, but if you choose to, bring 2 copies, get both stamped/signed/dated as received, keep 1 copy for your records.

If office staff starts telling you “we also need….”, “you need to bring it to such and such office instead, not here”, or they flat out refuse to give you a signed and dated receipt, turn around and walk out WITH your paperwork and send it certified from the post office instead.



ENRICHri stance on RIDE Homeschool Information FAQs

ENRICHri strives to distribute accurate information about homeschooling in general and specifically in Rhode Island.  We do not link to, nor refer anyone to the RIDE homeschool FAQs page.  While some of the FAQs are appropriate, informative and useful there are many points that are at best misleading and in part outright false. RIDE maintains two almost identical FAQs (points page on their website as well as a PDF), our stance is focused on their current PDF).

ENRICHri has approached RIDE multiple times, over the course of our ten years, to ask that they update the misinformation to reflect Rhode Island laws accurately.  They do not refuse; they simply do not respond.  

These are the changes that ENRICHri has recently recommended to RIDE in order to be a resource that we can feel comfortable pointing potential or new homeschoolers to.

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It’s that time of year once again.

The time of year you will have mailed your End of Year letter and Letter of Intent.  You wait for your “approval” letter, hoping that your school district isn’t going to be a problem.

There’s the envelope from the school department in your mailbox. You hope it’s a simple “thank you, your child has been approved for 2018-19”. And, for most of us, it will be! But, your district may send a packet of forms and other “useful information.” Your district may send an approval letter that contains language that leans to overreaching and may even have a threatening tone. Continue reading “Overcompliance”