Homeschooling Students Ring in Spring

ENRICHri is proud to share that some of our member homeschool students worked very hard in their recent co-op class titled, “Magazine Writing & Publishing”. The class was led by Danielle Rose, founder of Mind Key, an online wellness resource website. The kids are excited and proud to debut their very first magazine issue titled “Spring”. You can read all the great articles HERE.  


Do you have the February Winter Homeschool Blahs? -Who Doesn’t! 

Most of us experience the mid-winter doldrums about this time every year. We find ourselves feeling uninspired or bored with our daily routine, and have a nagging sense that what we are doing isn’t working. 

This is when we begin to doubt ourselves, our curriculum, our kids, and our choices. While this is totally normal, there are some things that you should know about the Homeschooling February Blahs! 

First of all, don’t quit, don’t give up, and don’t toss out everything you have been doing! And don’t toss out your curriculum or buy a new one. Many of us have an impulse when homeschooling gets hum-drum to blame the curriculum and begin hunting for the latest new something to fix the blahs. News flash – the problem is NOT your curriculum (most likely).   Continue reading “Do you have the February Winter Homeschool Blahs? -Who Doesn’t! “


It’s January, Now What?

The new year is always met with excitement, optimism, and lofty goals for months ahead. As we clean up the homemade confetti and take a collective sigh that we made it through the holidays, let’s not panic in the fact that it IS January. Yes, January! This is the month. The typical ‘halfway’ point of the homeschool year. Of course, this may cause some nervousness and second-guessing, and some apprehension at reevaluating all of our life decisions. But instead of that nonsense, I prefer to embrace this time of new beginnings, and create a new jumping off point for the year ahead.

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Rhode Island District Homeschool Policies

Policies are not law. 
We could stop there; those 4 words explain it all.

Policies are not legal documents, they put procedures in place, ways of doing business.  Policies are put in place by district administration and school committees to describe how they will complete their legal responsibilities involving homeschoolers.

A school district is not required to have a homeschool policy, but most do.  RI has 36 school districts, which means close to 36 district policies exist. Continue reading “Rhode Island District Homeschool Policies”


ENRICHri’s 2021-2022 Inclusivity Initiatives Explained

As an organization ENRICHri recognizes that to be truly inclusive our members need to feel seen and valued. With over 400 families in our community we also recognize that inclusivity must include a wide range of diverse experiences – our families cover the spectrum of race, sexuality, gender, religion, family make-up, economic status, educational choice, and physical and mental capabilities. We define inclusiveness as welcoming all. We believe that we can all respect each other regardless of our backgrounds and experiences and we will not tolerate actions, behaviors, or statements that harm anyone.

In this spirit this year, our board, decided upon three inclusivity initiatives to focus on:

  • Using gender neutral language,
  • Identifying and addressing microaggressions, and
  • Welcoming and supporting neurodiversity.
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Walking in Paperwork

As our FAQs indicate (see #14), we highly recommend that all annual paperwork be sent via certified mail to create a paper trail and limit unnecessary communication with the district.  

Another way to create a paper trail is to bring your paper work in and hand it to the school department directly.  When you do that please be aware that it could, just like in a phone call, lead to undocumented conversations.  These conversations could include office staff giving you incorrect information (lies, threats have also been known to occur).  If you walk in paperwork know the law so well that you can stand up against their own lack of knowledge, lies or intimidation that may cause you to lose confidence and feel threatened. 

ENRICHri does not suggest bringing your paperwork into the school department in person, but if you choose to, bring 2 copies, get both stamped/signed/dated as received, keep 1 copy for your records.

If office staff starts telling you “we also need….”, “you need to bring it to such and such office instead, not here”, or they flat out refuse to give you a signed and dated receipt, turn around and walk out WITH your paperwork and send it certified from the post office instead.



Letter from the Desk of the President

My letter to membership this month is about the amazing members who transformed ENRICHri from a dedicated hard working skeleton crew to a robust and creative team of volunteers and leaders who in just a handful of months have created an impressive calendar full of offerings for our secular homeschooling community.

Just a few months ago in the heat of the summer, our then tiny board of only 3 members met to discuss how ENRICHri could go from offering on-line only support and advocacy for homeschoolers back into a vibrant active organization which offered in-person learning and socializing opportunities, as well as, programs and field trips in collaboration with our community once again.

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Grade Level and Temporary Homeschool

Our very own Melissa Robb, ENRICHri Member Advocate, collaborated with Providence Mom to share her homeschooling knowledge. Providence Mom has created a few blog articles regarding homeschooling that we feel are very good and informative. Check them out here.

Temporary Homeschool and Staying on Grade Level

Guide to Homeschooling in RI

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling 101

Still looking for more information? Check out Melissa’s videos here.