Cooperative Program

ENRICHri offers two cooperative programs.  Members are welcome to participate in either one, or both.  Note that parents volunteer during the coop day to help the programs succeed; these are not drop-off programs.

The Tuesday Coop at the Boys & Girls Club Clubhouse in Pawtucket features:

  • 6 weeks of programming, 9:45 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.  
  • Every student engages in the full day of programming: morning meeting, two parent-led classes, lunchtime, pool time and gym or playground time.   
  • The spacious Boys & Girls Club facility features a full gym, pool, 4 classrooms, an art room, a game room, a lunch room and a playground.
  • Each family must have at least one child 5 years of age or older and must join the Pawtucket Boys & Girls Club for an additional annual fee.
  • Members of the Tuesday coop can also enjoy unstructured play including gym games and family swim time on Thursdays from 10-2 at no additional fee.  
  • Cost is $60 per student for 6 weeks, or $20 for kids under age 5, with a family max of $150.


Pawtucket Class List

2018 Pawtucket B G Policy

The Thursday Coop at the ENRICHri Community Center in Coventry features:

  • 8 weeks of programming, 9:15 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.   
  • Students can select from 4 class periods, taking just one or two classes or staying for the full day.  Classes are led by ENRICHri parents.
  • The Thursday Coop also features a preschool and pre-K program; member families without an older child are welcome to sign up just for these programs.  
  • The Community Center features almost 5,000 square feet  of space including of a meeting hall, five classrooms, a large community room, a nursery, a kitchen and a curriculum lending library. There is a fully fenced outdoor space for play..   
  • Cost is $45 per class, or $90 for preschool, for the 8 weeks.  Discounts are available for teaching or for taking multiple classes.

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