ENRICHri Cooperative Spring Session 2018

Our offices and Community Center are located at: 1395 Nooseneck Hill Road, Coventry, RI.

Spring 2018 Session – Class Offerings
March 29th – May 24th, April 19th Off



Period 1


Period 2 10:55-11:40


11:40- 12:10

Period 3

12:15- 1:00

Period 4





Concert Band

Gr 3-12

Let’s Get Moving!

Gr 2-6

Machine Sewing Projects

Gr 4-12

Machine Sewing


Upstairs Small Room


Gr 9-12


Adulting 101

Gr 8-12

Arthurian Legend

Gr 8-12


Under Construction

Gr K-2

Exploring Artists

Gr K-2

Early Math & Science

Gr K-2

Frog and Toad and Friends

Gr K-2



Ages 3-4yrs old



open open

PreK Program

Ages 4-5yrs old



open  open

Ourselves and Others

Gr 1-6

Melody Makers


Water Resource Conservation

Gr 2-6

Create Your Own Storybook

Gr 2-6

10:00 Classes (Period 1)

Beginning Concert Band                                                                                                              Gr 3-12

$55 ($45 class, $10 supply fee)                                                                                      Teacher: Beth Daley

This class is an introduction to performing concert band instruments and playing in an ensemble setting.  Students must provide their own instruments and method book.  No prior music experience is required, though welcomed.  Students will learn the basic skills and technique on their instrument including simple pieces from method books, introduction to basic music theory, and beginning ear training. Concert Band Instruments which include: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone Horn, French Horn, Tuba.  Students will have weekly assignments to complete at home through instrument practice. Students work individually to learn their own instrument but we will all work together as an ensemble to create music together. Beth is continuing this class for the winter session. Returning and NEW students are welcomed to join!

Max 12 students.

Introduction to Psychology                                                                                                             Gr 9-12

$45                                                                                                        Teacher: Laura Gans-Pomerantz

This is the third and final session of the full year psychology course. Spring topics will include: Stress and Health, Psychological Disorders, Therapy, Individual and Group Interaction, and Attitudes and Social Influence.
All students are welcome even if they haven’t taken the previous sessions. Students need to have a copy of Understanding Psychology (2014, High School edition) from McGraw-Hill.

Max 10 students

Under Construction                                                                                                                        Gr K-2

$50 ($45 class, $5 supply fee)                                                                                 Teacher: Mary Jo LaRocco

Let’s build! We will read a story about building at the beginning of each class, and then have fun using all sorts of materials to build towers, bridges, buildings, tunnels, and even snacks according to a weekly theme! Please indicate if your child has any food allergies so that if we “build” a snack, it will be safe for all!

Max 8 students

Preschool                                                                                                                        Ages 3-4

$90                                                                                                                Teacher: Alyssa Roberts

This program will run for two time slots for a total running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes. The kids will have circle time, story time, group play, outside time (weather permitting), art projects, and free play time. This longer program will give the kids a chance to make friends, work collaboratively, and have fun while getting used to a ‘class structure’. Parents are encouraged to let their kids be independent and experience the class on their own, but if needed, parents are welcomed to stay in the class and will be asked to be ‘parent-helpers’!

Max 8 students

Pre K Program                                                                                                                Ages 4-5

$90                                                                                                            Teacher: Coreen Gingerella

Coreen is back at it Spring session! This session will be spring themed and will encourage our little learners to bloom in the classroom.  This session the kids will continue to learn in a fun environment that includes story time, circle time, arts, group and imaginary play, outside time, and math concepts. The kids will have an extended class time of 1 hour and 40 minutes so they are able to form relationships with their peers and their teachers. Parents are encouraged to let their kids be independent and experience the class on their own, but if needed, parents are welcomed to stay in the class and will be asked to be ‘parent-helpers’! Coreen will be the class leader and will email all parents before the session starts with more specifics and information on what the kids will be doing each week and what they will need for class.

Max 8 students

Ourselves and Others                                                                                                                Gr 1-6

$45                                                                                                                    Teacher: Lara Watkins

Whether on the playground with friends or within our own homes with family, our feelings can impact our interactions. Understanding and appropriately expressing our emotions is critical for long term success and happiness. Through a variety of activities tailored to our specific group of students, you will work toward expressing your feelings and developing an awareness and appreciation of the feelings of others. You will practice ways to manage inner and interpersonal conflict and appreciate others perspectives.
Loosely based on the “Don’t Laugh at Me” curriculum by Operation Respect, the class will focus on constructively expressing and managing feelings, building community, resolving conflict, and celebrating diversity, thereby helping to cultivate emotional intelligence. Students should be able to follow directions.

Max 8 students

10:55 Classes (Period 2)

Let’s Get Moving!                                                                                                                     Gr 2-6

$50  ($45 class, $5 supply fee)                                                                         Teacher: Molly Gans-Pomerantz

In this class we will be exploring many types of dance, including hip hop, jazz, and modern. Each week we will stretch, practice basic steps, and learn new combinations. In later weeks, we will work on a larger piece to show to friends and family during the final class! Students should dress to move and wear sneakers and socks (if you happen to have hip hop or jazz shoes you can wear those). You don’t have to have danced before to take this class — new students are welcome! However, because of the short amount of time every class, I won’t always be able to focus on every child individually. Students must be able to follow directions, work as a group, and be willing to participate in all exercises and activities. Get ready to move to the music!

Max 10 students

Adulting 101                                                                                                                           Gr 8-12

$45                                                                                                                    Teacher: Bryan Sirois

There are certain skills every teenager should learn before they finish school. This class will cover many of these topics; typing a professional letter, reading a contract, budgeting, managing a home, healthcare, social skills and manners, communication, navigation and reading a map, etc. Bryan will bring these topics and more to life, with his usual humor, in this essential class! Adulting is hard, and it’s coming for us all!

Exploring Artists                                                                                                                     Gr k-2

$50 ($45 class, $5 supply fee)                                                                                     Teacher: Carrie Edens

We will be learning about famous artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Warhol, Alexander Calder, Pollak, Mondrian and learning techniques that the artist used and how to work with specific materials. Kids may get messy and should be able to handle paints, glue, scissors with minimal assistance.

Max 8 students

Melody Makers                                                                                                                        Gr k-2

$48 ($45 class, $3 supply fee)                                                                                           Teacher: Beth Daley

Melody Makers is a Elementary music class geared for students K-2. This class will focus on development in musicianship through singing, playing instruments, movement, reading music, and listening to and analyzing music. Concepts covered include steady beat and furthering the understanding of musical ideas such as instrumentation and musical vocabulary. To sum it up, let’s create music together through games and play!

Max 10 students

12:15 Classes (Period 3)

Machine Sewing Projects                                                                                                                  Gr 4-12

$50  ($45 class, $5 supply fee)                                                                                         Teacher: Jenn Curtis

This session of machine sewing will continue with machine sewing projects that the students will learn to make. New and returning students both welcomed.  Each student should bring their own sewing machine each week and know how to work their machine at a basic sewing level. Every week the students will work on their projects in class, and also receive printed or emailed directions on how to make the project at home, including patterns. Projects this session will include: PJ pants, water bottle holder, zipper pouch, pillowcase, with the possibility of another project (time dependent).Supplies that the students must bring to class each week: sewing machine, thread, pins, ruler, and scissors.  Students will need to provide their own fabric for one project, cost approx. $15.

Max 8 students

Arthurian Legend                                                                                                                       Gr 8-12

$45*                                                                                                                 Teacher: Kayla Thompson

It is said that during times of change, King Arthur becomes socially and politically relevant.  Together will unpack this idea while diving into the layers of one of the most enduring legends of all times: King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  We will discuss various thematic elements including but not limited to archetypes, theme, and symbolism–along with honing our analytical skills by examining the text through the lens of chivalry.
At home reading, as well as small scale projects or writing assignments will be required.
*additional book purchase required: The World of Camelot King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table by Michael Foss

Max 8 students

Early Science & Math                                                                                                                  Gr K-1

$35  ($25 class, $10 supply fee)                                                                                Teacher: Rebecca Duffy

We return with our third session of Early Math & Science! New materials, nothing repeated! This class is geared for ages 5-7, however writing with copying from the chalkboard and little help is a prerequisite. Come join us and explore rain clouds in a jar, sun paper, play with pop rocks and more!

Max 8 students

Water Resource Conservation                                                                                                        Gr 2-6

$45                                                                                                                Teacher: Rebecca O’neal

We all live in a complex water world.  Let’s learn how we’re all connected by water and what  we can do to conserve it. Students will learn about watersheds, topographical maps, water- treatment plants and water purification, and water pollution and now to reduce it.

Max 8 Students

1:10 Classes (period 4)

Frog and Toad and Friends                                                                                                         Gr K-2

$55 ($45 class, $10 supply fee)                                                                         Teacher: Laura Gans-Pomerantz

Each week we will focus on a different book by Arnold Lobel. We will do some reading together in class, discuss the stories and characters, and do a related craft or activity each week. Students will be expected to finish reading each book at home (on their own or by having them read to them). They will need access to copies of Days With Frog and Toad, Frog and Toad Are Friends, Frog and Toad Together, Frog and Toad All Year, Owl at Home, Grasshopper on the Road, and Mouse Tales.
While the class will be a great opportunity for reading practice, those not yet reading independently and those already reading beyond this level are also welcome — these stories are just fun!

Max 10 Students

Create Your Own Storybook                                                                                                         Gr 2-6

$50 ($45 class, $5 supply fee)                                                                                  Teacher: Kayla Thompson

Together we will explore the elements of a good story, each week diving into a different “element”. Students will be guided to explore each element as it relates to their original work and be given support to develop their own original storybook–complete with illustrations! We will utilize group discussion, individual brainstorming/drafting and peer/teacher feedback. At the end of the 8 week course, we will celebrate publishing our final draft *in hardcover* with a publishing party! This class will require some at-home work and support to keep everyone on a similar timeline.
Student should be able to read/write at a basic level.

Max 8 students