DEI Volunteers Wanted

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is looking for volunteers to facilitate creating “circles of support” to help ENRICHri members connect, build relationships, and support each other on our homeschool journeys.

A circle could be formed around an affinity group– for example, a circle’s members may identify as LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, or neurodiverse– and support each other around the unique opportunities and challenges of homeschooling for that group. Circles could also be formed around a shared interest (e.g. nature study, educational philosophy, etc.), or geography (e.g. East Bay, Northern RI).  

The format is also very flexible. Perhaps you want to meet in person, perhaps you want to host regular Zoom calls, perhaps you want to start a Google Group or connect using social media.

The role of the facilitator(s) is to coordinate in whatever format works for the circle.

One recent example of an informal “circle” is the initiation of weekly Facebook conversations for working families and single parents. These posts are in the general membership Facebook group, and are geared toward helping caregivers connect with each other around the unique challenges of homeschooling while also juggling work and/or being a single parent. These conversations help parents in this group feel visible and supported.

We want to see other groups emerge to ensure all families in our membership are building relationships that will provide much-needed support during this challenging time.

Please contact DEIteam@enrichri.org for more information.