President: Amanda Campbell,

Amanda Campbell, current president has been a part of the behind the scenes magic of ENRICHri in a number of roles for the last few years. Her favorite is being a teacher at co-op.

She is wife to Brent, Mama to Willow and Elowyn and their dog Gypsy. Fun fact, everyone in the Campbell household (even Gypsy) is a redhead! Amanda believes that instilling a lifelong love of learning in her girls is her main job.

Vice President: Open Position,

Treasurer: Alyssa Crowder,

Alyssa lives in Warwick, RI with her husband, Andrew, and two children. They joined ENRICHri at the beginning of their homeschool journey in 2014.  Alyssa has a background in business consulting and research and is passionate about supporting local businesses and community. She has a Bachelors degree in Quantitative Economics and a Masters degree in Library Science that is currently put to good use performing research on homeschool curriculum and ideas!

Alyssa loves teaching and is an active participant in ENRICHri cooperatives as well as the leadership of the organization. She has held various positions including librarian, assistant cooperative director, business manager, and president of the board. In her free time, she is an avid reader and gardener, and seeks out every opportunity to spend time in or near the water –  paddle boarding, swimming or just basking in the sun!

Secretary: Brandy Garcia,

Brandy is new to homeschooling but has dealt with many obstacles in the public and private school system. These obstacles have taught her that every child is different and how to handle tricky situations. Even though her family is new to homeschooling she knows they have found the right fit for them. With three children and a dog, her house is always a learning experience for her entire family.

Brandy is a lifelong learner who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is pursuing her Master’s. In her free time, she enjoys writing, photography and  Baking.

Program Manager: Emily Weiland,

Emily is new to the area and to homeschooling, but is excited to tackle these new adventures.  Emily is from Pittsburgh, but has lived in New England for the past 16 years.

Her professional background is in training coordination and event planning. But her passion is volunteering, and she’s glad to find a role in ENRICHri that could use her behind-the-scenes application support experience.  She lives in Rehoboth with her husband and her two kids.

Member Advocate: Melissa Robb,

ENRICHri works to promote and protect homeschool interests in Rhode Island. Each year as the General Assembly introduces bills the Advocacy Team monitors the progress of dozens of those bills. We watch for and respond to legislation that could affect homeschooling families on a state and district level.

Melissa has been a member of ENRICHri since 2010.  Her teenage son has been homeschooled since birth and is now taking dual enrollment classes at community college.  Melissa served on the Executive Board in various positions for 5 years before moving to the Member Advocate position.  Since 2015 Melissa has filled the role of Homeschool Liaison for the Newport Naval Base, bringing her experiences as a native Rhode Island homeschooler to incoming families.

Melissa’s life revolves around her son’s extensive Pokémon TCG tournament travel schedule and enjoying his teen years. She brings a wealth of passion and leadership in creating community connections to ENRICHri.

Assistant Member Advocate: Donna Wedge,

Donna lives in Coventry, RI with her husband Richard, grandson, and a menagerie of animals.  Their family joined ENRICHri in 2013 to build community when their grandson was three, having decided homeschool was the path they would choose for his education.

She has always had a passion for advocacy having served on Federal Women’s Rights Committee, as a Rape Crisis Center Advocate and now on the ENRICHri’s Advocacy team. 

Donna is a work-from-home pet groomer and enjoys all things homesteading.

Public Relations: Open Position,

Membership Director: Amanda Proux,

Webmaster / Technology Director: Anna Sousa,

Anna lives in Cranston, RI with her husband, Daniel, and two children. They joined ENRICHri in 2017.  Anna has been working in the IT field for many years with a specialty in data analytics. 

Anna is happy to be sharing her technical knowledge with ENRICHri. Both Anna and her husband also enjoy teaching and are active participants in ENRICHri cooperatives. In her free time she loves to hula hoop with her children and play the Fife.

Performing Arts Director: Jennah Hubbell,

Jennah Hubbell and her daughter Aaralyn have been members of ENRICHri since they started homeschooling in 2015.  The Hubbell Family, along with their dog, Charlie, and cat, Zeus, reside in Greenville RI. They have been active in first the Coventry co-operative, and most recently the PBGC Tuesday co-op.  

Jennah has taught several classes and enjoys volunteering within our community. She has also held various leadership positions in ENRICHri.