President: Amanda Campbell,

Amanda Campbell, current president has been a part of the behind the scenes magic of ENRICHri in a number of roles for the last few years. Her favorite is being a teacher at co-op.

She is wife to Brent, Mama to Willow and Elowyn and their dog Gypsy. Fun fact, everyone in the Campbell household (even Gypsy) is a redhead! Amanda believes that instilling a lifelong love of learning in her girls is her main job.

Vice President: Emily McKenzie,

Emily lives in Rumford, RI with her husband, daughter, two passive aggressive cats, and dog– Gracie. She has volunteered in several capacities through ENRICHri since starting her homeschool journey in 2019, and loves the community that she’s built here. Emily is passionate about homeschooling, and can probably be found researching curriculum in her spare time. Her professional background includes directing youth and children’s programming, communications, and is currently pursuing her Master’s in clinical counseling. She also enjoys painting, her most recent library haul, gardening, beach combing, and drinking decaf iced coffee.

Treasurer: Blake Corbishely,

Blake comes to ENRICHri from Aquidneck Island.  Prior to her work educating her children, Blake developed education programs for a variety of institutions, both at home and abroad. She has a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. She and her kids love homeschooling, and they are very grateful for the support and community of ENRICHri.

Since childhood, Blake has been fascinated by the meaning and purpose of education. As an adult, she remains driven by these questions, as well as by the goal of ensuring that quality, meaningful, purposeful education is accessible to all students.  She hopes that her work with ENRICHri will help to further this aim.

Secretary: Erica Schveighoffer,

Erica lives in southeastern Massachusetts with her husband, two sons (14 & 12 years old), two cats, a dog, and a guinea pig. She loves spending time with her family and friends playing games, participating in creative art activities, hiking, kayaking, camping, and catching up around the bonfire. She is currently pursuing a certification in mindfulness for children and has recently started advocacy work around mental health conditions. 

Erica will be entering her 10th year of homeschooling this fall and joined ENRICHri when her boys were younger because of the amazing field trip opportunities. She has gotten to know many wonderful families and is looking forward to helping ENRICHri continue to offer a thriving community for current and new members.

Executive Director of Programs: Amber Stanley,

Amber lives in Northern RI with her wife and two children.  She began her homeschooling journey in 2020 and loves it!  She is excited to be part of ENRICHri to build community for her family as well as provide opportunities for social engagement and fun learning opportunities.  Amber is a programmer and enjoys all things techie!  She loves figuring things out and fixing things. 

Amber is also a part of our ENRICHri Technical Team.

Member Advocate: Melissa Robb,

ENRICHri works to promote and protect homeschool interests in Rhode Island. With 36 school districts in our little state there is a lot to keep an eye on. Each year as the General Assembly introduces bills the Advocacy Team monitors the progress of dozens of those bills. We watch for and respond to legislation that could affect homeschooling families on a state and district level.

Melissa has been a member of ENRICHri since 2010.  Her son was homeschooled since birth and is now a pre-law university student.  Melissa served on the ENRICHri Executive Board in various positions for 5 years before moving to the Member Advocate Director position.  Since 2015 Melissa has filled the role of Homeschool Liaison for the Newport Naval Base, bringing her experiences as a native Rhode Island homeschooler to incoming families.

Melissa’s family’s homeschool life revolved around her son’s extensive Pokémon TCG tournament travel schedule so having him in college is quite a lifestyle change! She brings a wealth of passion and leadership in creating community connections to ENRICHri.

Assistant Member Advocate: Donna Wedge,

Donna lives in Coventry, RI with her husband Richard, grandson, and a menagerie of animals.  Their family joined ENRICHri in 2013 to build community when their grandson was three, having decided homeschool was the path they would choose for his education.

She has always had a passion for advocacy having served on Federal Women’s Rights Committee, as a Rape Crisis Center Advocate and now on the ENRICHri’s Advocacy team. 

Donna is a work-from-home pet groomer and enjoys all things homesteading.

Assistant Member Advocate: Melinda Pichette Price,

Melinda lives in Cranston with her husband and three kids. Aside from homeschooling she loves traveling, making things on Canva and spending time with her two dogs.

Melinda is passionate about advocacy and keeping homeschooling in RI easy and accessible to all. She is an Assistant Member Advocate and co-founder of the Woodland Wanderers co-op.  She strongly believes that the key to homeschooling success is having a village. If you’re in need of a village, reach out! She’ll help you find one, or help you create one.

Communications Director: Jackie Taylor,

My name is Jackie and I am a life long Rhode Islander. I live in East Providence with my husband John and our two children Sal and Jade. Most of our days are spent playing superhero’s, trying new sports, painting, or making delicious home made treats!

My family joined Enrich in 2020 when we began homeschooling.  I was blown away by the knowledge, support, and community that Enrich provided and I am excited to volunteer for this role and use my education and skills to support Enrich.

Webmaster / Director of Information Technology: Anna Sousa,

Anna lives in Cranston, RI with her husband, Daniel, and two children. They joined ENRICHri in 2017.  Anna has been working in the IT field for many years with a specialty in data analytics. 

Anna is happy to be sharing her technical knowledge with ENRICHri. Both Anna and her husband also enjoy teaching and are active participants in ENRICHri cooperatives. In her free time she loves to hula hoop with her children and play the Fife.

Director of Public Relations: Lauren Kasz,

Lauren has been an EnrichRI member since 2020 when her daughter began Pre-K. She is excited by how much their homeschool community has grown and flourished recently, which inspired her to co-found Woodland Wanderers, an elementary co-op through Enrich.

With her background in journalism and communications, Lauren hopes to help spread the word about the amazing things that go on within the EnrichRI community and to open up more exciting opportunities for its families. 

Lauren lives in Coventry with her husband, daughter and fur babies. Her downtime is spent reading fantasy novels, gardening and exploring the woods.

Membership Director: Tricia Harris,

Tricia has been part of ENRICHri since 2020. She is the membership director. She only found herself here thanks to Covid and never planned to homeschool. After having experienced co-ops and the amazing community and inclusive families she could not imagine sending Will to school. She is so glad to have found ENRICHri and looks forward to being an active part of the community.

Tricia lives in Johnston with her husband, Sean and 7 year old son Will. By night she is a postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, and pediatric sleep consultant. By day she is a mom trying to figure out if she’s doing it right.

Community Organizer: Kirstin Dalton,

My name is Kirsten and I’m Korbin’s mom, a former nurse and craft-aholic. I live in Smithfield with my awesome husband, our awesome 8 year old kiddo and our bull terrier (who is also awesome but also- spoiled) I grew up on a farm in CT and spent the majority of my childhood outside in the woods, in the garden or taking care of the animals. I have a deep love and passion for sharing the beauty of nature and it’s become a major part of our homeschooling journey this past year. With everything opening up- the next step is Wildschooling groups!! We’ve had such an incredible time with Into the Earth in CT and we’re so excited to get involved here in RI too. We’re new to homeschooling but I’m very excited to come up with some fun activities and put together some quick and fun info sessions to encourage a closer bond to the land around us and get us exploring. I’m going to do my best to bring unique activities to the group to keep from creating too much redundancy with other groups so we can enjoy them ALL! Some of my passions include canning (making jams, jellies, pickles etc) and I have a small leather carving business. I’d love to bring these things in to share with you all along with some other ideas I am cooking up! I look forward to meeting you in the woods!!! Kirstin is also our Wildschool Director at ENRICH if you have questions regarding the Wildschool program you may email