Letter from the Desk of the President

My letter to membership this month is about the amazing members who transformed ENRICHri from a dedicated hard working skeleton crew to a robust and creative team of volunteers and leaders who in just a handful of months have created an impressive calendar full of offerings for our secular homeschooling community.

Just a few months ago in the heat of the summer, our then tiny board of only 3 members met to discuss how ENRICHri could go from offering on-line only support and advocacy for homeschoolers back into a vibrant active organization which offered in-person learning and socializing opportunities, as well as, programs and field trips in collaboration with our community once again.

Without the stability of on-going co-op programs; without knowledge of our community partners’ plans for offering homeschooling programs due to uncertainty of the progression of Covid; and most of all without members expressing interest in starting and running new co-ops and programs, we were afraid that we might be looking at another season or year of a virtual-only existence that was held together by only a dozen committed volunteers.

Now as we embrace autumn, ENRICHri leadership is blown away and so grateful for all the new ENRICHri members and our veterans who have stepped-up and taken the risk of offering themselves to create programming to meet the needs and wants of their own kids and our homeschooling community.

Despite having no plans nor locations, no program leadership and no clue what the fall would look like during our summer meeting, we are now offering 6 different weekly co-ops/meetups in addition to our virtual classes. A giant THANK YOU goes to all of our current leadership!


  • At Adventure Base Camp in Cranston we have three co-op programs running: Wildschool, Preschool, and Lower Elementary all created and run by new members Kirsten Dalton, Amber Stanley and Neeka Stanley.

  • Thanks to veteran homeschooler and leader Ruth Galindo the Gamers & Crafters by Nature in Portsmouth co-op has reformed and is running strong.

  • Lil Rhody Playground Meetup in Smithfield is hosted and run by new members Jaime Lambert Vecchiarino and Jenny Hannan.

  • For the first time ENRICHri has a Saturday program, Friendship & Enrichment gathering in North Kingston thanks to new member Jessica Walsh.

  • Veteran homeschooler Elizabeth McDonald is continuing to organize our virtual co-op and Andria Coletta & Laura Ganz-Pomerantz are offering a virtual performing arts program called Friday Night Lights.


  • A giant thank you goes out to all the teachers who are freely giving their time, energy, creativity and knowledge to offer fun and educational classes for our students.

In addition to supporting all the co-ops, Emily Weiland, our Program Manager, has been working with and mentoring new and veteran members to organize educational classes in the community, field trips, and community events. Our community educational partners offer our members:

  • RWP Zoo School
  • STEAM classes at RIMOSA
  • Sailing Fall River

We have member’s coordinating ENRICHri community events like:

  • Trunk or Treat
  • Fall Festival
  • Kids Holiday Vendor Fair

 Field Trips have been organized to:

  • Tomaquag Museum
  • Apple Picking
  • Mounted Police
  • Pequot Museum
  • Helping Hands Herbal Remedies
  • Prudence Island.

We are able to offer group discounts to:

  • Hamilton at PPAC
  • Festival Ballet’s The Nutcracker
  • Great Wolf Lodge.

Thank you to all the members who are working with Emily to offer these opportunities!

We have been able to offer more parental support than ever before. Parents night out around the campfire, How to choose a curriculum, Homeschooling High School, Homeschooling Vision Workshop, Teacher and leadership trainings, ENRICHri Leadership mentoring, Working and Homeschooling Discussions, Talking to your Children about Race, Youth Pride Parental Support and Guidance and our Homeschooling 101s are now offered both in-person and virtually.

Behind the scenes we also have members who have taken on critical roles that keep ENRICHri flowing. Thank you to our unseen leaders!

  • Jacqueline Taylor our Communications Director who keeps everyone up-to-date on all these new offerings.


  • Melissa Rob is our Member Advocate, Donna Wedge our Asst. Member Advocate and all of the Advocacy team who work to keep on top of all RI school systems, laws and changes related to homeschooling.

  • Anna Sousa our IT Director and Webmaster and her new IT support team members Amber Stanley and Joe Niccoletti who use their professional level skills to keep our website as a resource to anyone interested in homeschooling and our NEON system working so we can manage membership, create registration for our programs, and send out emails.
  • Amanda Proulx our Membership Director who manages acceptance of our over 425+ member families.

  • Our DEI team Alyssa Crowder, Lara Watkins, Jessica Walsh, Christine Tetreault, and Sunny Flatts who are doing the important work of creating and implementing our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Alyssa Crowder, our Treasurer who manages our diverse budgets, bills, and keeps us in the black.

  • My fellow board members, Alyssa Crowder, Emily Weiland, and Nicole Brennan who work tirelessly to keep ENRICHri true to its mission, to inspire, train and support members to create programming and contribute to building this organization, and to ensure sustainability and longevity of the asset that is ENRICHri for the secular homeschooling community.

I look at these lists and our ENRICHri calendar and see it is FILLED with so many amazing offerings, opportunities and support options and my heart swells! A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who is making all that ENRICHri is happen! It really does take a village and our homeschooling village is the BEST!


Amanda C. Campbell

ENRICHri President