ENRICHri is a 100% volunteer-led and run organization. We support our volunteers in creating programming within the community that meets their families needs and homeschooling goals. 

These programs include or have included:

  • Virtual parent-led cooperative learning delivered through Zoom with a mixture of academic, enrichment, and social classes such as Short Story Writing, Art Club, Trivia Night.
  • Parent-led cooperative learning at locations like Boys & Girls Clubs and Community Centers with mixtures of academic and enrichment classes as well as extracurricular activities like gym and swim. 
  • Wildschool, an unschooling program, focused on outdoor exploration, survival skills, foraging, wildlife, self-sustaining practices, and more.
  • Specialty parent-led cooperative programs with focuses like gaming, crafting, STEM, nature study, etc.
  • Service learning opportunities to engage and support our local community.
  • Performing Arts programs including plays, video production and editing, and in-person and online performance opportunities.
  • And much more…. If there’s anything our members would like to offer we’re happy to provide support to try to make it happen!