ENRICHri Offerings

ENRICHri offers a variety of programs and benefits for our community. Private Facebook groups, support groups, specialized classes for the children, workshops, classes offered by community vendors and businesses, field trips, teen & tween social events, and various locations for cooperative programs. 

We encourage our members to suggest ideas and help set up programs that will be of interest to our community. As an all volunteer organization,  we rely on our members to help keep the group running smoothly, sharing their talents and interests as they are able. Volunteering is not only essential to our every day operation,  it is fun and a great way to form relationships with other homeschooling families.

ENRICHri is excited to work with local museums, educators, entertainers, and many others to offer programs for all ages, including homeschooling parents.

Field Trips

Trips have included a Pirate Cruise, Slater Mills, RI Nuclear Reactor, DEM Fishing, Steel Yard, Pequot Museum, Tazo Chocolate, Amazon, Prudence Island, Circus Smirkus, PPAC productions, and so much more.

Special Events

Events held have included the Winter Ball, International Fair, Art Show, Talent Show, Science Fair, Vendor Fair, Graduation Ceremony, Annual Picnic, Not Back to School Beach Day, Trunk or Treat, and Fall Fest.

Member Activities

Activities have included both virtual and in person parent-led cooperative learning and clubs. Classes and clubs have included Academic, Enrichment, Social, Gym, Wildschool, Unschooling, Outdoor Exploration, Gaming, Crafting, STEM, Performing Arts, and Service Learning.

For Parents

Homeschooling isn’t just about the kids.  Parents also need support, community, guidance, encouragement, and a place to make friendships.  ENRICHri offers on-going informational sessions and gatherings for parents such as, Introduction to Homeschooling, Homeschooling High School, Selecting Curriculum, Special Needs, Vision Workshop, and Mom/Dad’s Night Out.