Quick Start Guide

How to Homeschool in Rhode Island: Step by step through the notification and assessment process.

1)  Withdraw your child if already registered for public school.  Withdrawal letter is sent to the principal of the school your child is registered at.

2)  Send your Letter of Intent (LOI) to the superintendent of your school district.  This is all the information required by law.  You do not need to fill out any district created forms.  You are not asking permission to homeschool your child, you are informing the school department that you are adhering to RI Compulsory Attendance law (16-19-1) via homeschooling.

3) You are now homeschooling! Once you send your letters, you are a homeschooler.

4) Most districts will send you an acknowledgement letter (Sometimes called an approval letter) once they have completed the paperwork process on their end.

5) At the end of your school year you will mail an End of Year (EOY) report along with the LOI for the following year.  There is no due date for this EOY report.