ENRICHri works to support all our members, which includes members in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Homeschooling laws and procedures are slightly different in each state. We encourage our members in other states to share their experiences with new homeschoolers in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Real-life experiences are very helpful as new homeschoolers learn about their rights and obligations.

ENRICHri is open to working with similar organizations in our neighboring states.

Have questions about what to file with your school district?
Contact us at Memberadvocate@enrichri.org

Links for Rhode Island State Statutes:

16-19-1 Compulsory Attendance:

16-19-2 Approval of Private Schools:

16-22-2 Civics Education:

16-22-4 Health and Physical Education:

16-23-2 Loan of Textbooks:

Other pertinent laws:

16-23-3 Published Textbook List:


Statewide Resource:

CT Homeschool Network http://cthomeschoolnetwork.org/


Statewide Resources:

AHEM (Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc.) www.ahem.info

The Massachusetts Home Learners Association http://www.mhla.org/index.htm

Please contact us at info@enrichri.org to also connect with ENRICHri advocates from either MA or CT that can share their experiences and offer support.