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Welcome to ENRICHri!

Rhode Island’s Largest Secular Homeschool Support Group

ENRICHri is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit. A welcoming, inclusive group that offers many events, field trips, and support services throughout the year.

Join over 300 families from RI and surrounding communities in CT and MA for….

Homeschool Support and Advocacy

We support homeschooling families

    • Monthly Introduction to Homeschooling workshops for new and prospective homeschoolers.
    • Answers to your questions about letters of intent, attendance requirements, progress reports, mid-year withdrawals, and working with your school district.
    • A thriving forum to discuss learning at home, curriculum questions, unschooling and life as a homeschooling family.

The ENRICHri Advocacy Team

    • Gathers and disseminates information about homeschooling in Rhode Island.
    • Works to promote and protect homeschool interests in Rhode Island.
    • Reviews all district school committee agendas and minutes and will alert district homeschoolers if we have any policy concerns.
    • Attends school committee meetings when necessary to support homeschool freedoms.
    • Watches for legislation that could affect homeschoolers in our state and shares that information with homeschoolers as needed.  Each year as the General Assembly introduces bills the Advocacy Team monitors the progress of dozens of those bills. We watch for and respond to legislation that could affect homeschooling families on a state and district level.
    • Are current or former homeschoolers themselves with many years of experience.

Note: The ENRICHri Advocacy Team does not currently include a lawyer.  Our advice is based on historical evidence and our long-term experience working with homeschoolers, school committees and law makers. Nothing on this website is intended as legal advice. For legal matters, contact a competent attorney.

Cooperative Programs

We offer multiple cooperative programs, at campuses around the state. These programs are led and taught by parent volunteers and kids learn while making new friends.


Bi-weekly, child-led and multi-aged learning in the “wild.”

Learn on Location Experiences

We go into the world to explore: museums, historic sites, parks, civic locations, theatre and musical performances, playground meetups, nature sanctuaries and much more.  We offer a variety of outings and field trips, including free or low cost outings every month.

Homeschool Community

We gather together for beach days, ice cream socials,  dances, art shows, a science fair, tween and teen outings and parents’ nights out.

We hope you join us.

Mission: ENRICHri is an inclusive, non-religious community which provides support, friendship, and guidance for homeschooling families in Southern New England and promotes homeschooling within the greater community.

Vision: We will promote the development of a supportive homeschooling community for parents and children, provide opportunities for relevant, affordable, real-world learning, and group homeschooling opportunities, and advocate for our members in the community.
ENRICHri is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization. 
ENRICHri does not discriminate based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, faith, home education philosophy or methodology, physical or other challenges.

ENRICHri is focused on three specific inclusivity initiatives for the 2021-2022 school year as part of our larger DEI initiative.

  • Gender-neutral language
  • Identifying and addressing microaggressions
  • Welcoming neurodiversity

You will see these efforts come across through teacher/leader training, curation of resources for members, and parent-focused educational programs.