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Welcome to ENRICHri!  We are so glad you have chosen ENRICHri to be a part of your homeschool journey!

ENRICHri is a welcoming, inclusive group that offers many events, field trips and support services throughout the year. Whether you are just starting out homeschooling or are well acquainted with the homeschool community, we hope you find everything you need. No other homeschool group in the state offers as much as ENRICHri.

Membership with ENRICHri encourages a deeper connection with your homeschool community and with your children. The ongoing life and health of a homeschool community is maintained and enriched by the presence of its members. Our vision is to provide a place where your homeschool is nourished in relevant and significant ways, and where you can find the resources you need to continue to grow and thrive. We do hope that you will join our group and attend our programming as often as you are able and perhaps, volunteer when you feel able.

ENRICHri has many opportunities for homeschooling families no matter their age or stage. Your homeschool experience will be made richer by becoming actively engaged in all we have to offer. Seminars, social gatherings, classes, field trips and play dates all help to enhance and round out your homeschool day. Our thriving ENRICHri Homeschool Cooperative Program is parent led and provides opportunities for socialization, enrichment classes and to share your own gifts of teaching. The lasting bonds of friendship are ever present in ENRICHri.

ENRICHri has outstanding support services to help you on your journey.  Should you need help in getting started with homeschool, we encourage you to attend a Homeschool 101 seminar held each month at various libraries throughout the state.  Read over our support page at the link above. Here you will find our FAQ page, the state statutes and sample letters found on the resources tab, and you are well on your way to begin homeschooling! Then, join our membership and let our experienced and new homeschooling families welcome you to our group and help you on this wonderful new path.

Do contact us with any questions you might have and we look forward to meeting you!

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