Update: After a few enriching years at this location our director for our popular Portsmouth Co-op has moved out of state so this co-op is not currently running.  We are hopeful that a new director will step up soon!

This co-op, Gamers and Crafters by Nature, will meet on Wednesdays at the Common Fence Point Community Center, which is just finishing up its renovation.

Gamers and Crafters by Nature Co-op families will spend time outdoors everyday. We’ll also have special activities by age- teens, kids and “minis” (age 3-6). All ages will spend time at the beach, and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of classes/activities which will change each session and may include:
Gameschooling and hands-on Japanese class
Teen classes like LARP & Arcade Makecode
Kids (7-12) can try Minecraft STEM lab, nature-based crafts and outdoor games
And minis may have songs, dress-up story time, and mini STEAM play

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