Looking for a community of Rhode Island homeschoolers that hosts some amazing events?  Look no further.

Welcome to ENRICHri’s Annual Cultural Fair

Travel with us as our community center is transformed into many countries spanning the world. Our globetrotting guests are presented with a blue passport at the welcome desk, which are stamped or stickered as they traveled around the world.

The ENRICHri families who participate choose a country to research and create a display. Each display has tidbits of information for travelers to get a feel of what life might be like in the country they were visiting. Some may even have activities guests could take home!  Some of the items on display could include smelling spices, traditional clothes, trinkets from traveling and even some family heirlooms.  

Before the travels even get started everyone is drawn to the cultural fairs buffet, which is always a cultural delight! Long tables in the main room of the community center are lined with warm crock pots and casserole dishes of  sweet and savory foods representing each country’s traditions.

The highlight of the fair is the parade of countries.

Below are some pictures of the displays from one wonderful year.

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