During the pandemic many families made the move to homeschool.  These new homeschoolers wondered how veterans “do this”.  How do they stay home and school all day? Spoiler alert – we don’t!

The pandemic was odd for us too! Staying home 24/7 was not how we “do this”. Most homeschoolers rely on going out. Out of the house. Out to libraries, field trips, museums, classes, clubs, meet-ups, sports practices, playgrounds, zoos, and of course trampoline parks.  We are used to being with other kids, other families, and chatting with other parents. We teach classes together, host events, volunteer, and go to the parks. We are a highly social community!

As homeschoolers we have lots of choices in what, where, how, and when to educate our children. Homeschooling really is about freedom. We can choose our own curriculum. We can choose how to present topics based on how our kids learn best. We go at their own pace, and we learn together about things they are interested in. We certainly are not required to learn at home or on a laptop.

We feel “normal” again. we are happy to be back at libraries, and co-ops. Traveling, going to playgrounds and meeting new friends. Parents are back to hanging out with other adults, and it feels so nice. We prefer the hussle some days. The running around and trying to leave the house on time. At least now we have the choice to be out and about, or take a lazy day and stay home. Freedom and choices are what homeschooling is really about.

This lifestyle is much more mainstream now (thank you pandemic). Everyone had a glimpse into this world and some chose to stay. So get out there, and take the “home” out of homeschooling. We look forward to meeting you!

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